Feed your plant when it is hungry


Provides site specific crop management support

IoT enabled & portable soil testing machine


Prescribes seed, fertilizer, pesticide, irrigation chart & forecasts yield

Our global solution

Integrated Agricultural Extension Program

Consolidates your national food security

Our Vision

Our Vision

To safeguard world food security and strengthen the fight against hunger.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Create platform to foster the inclusive & sustainable development of farmers’ community and agricultural industry by technological intervention.


Our Objectives

Our Objectives

Ensuring process optimization by precision technology.
Enhancing resilience through climate smart agriculture.
Engaging multiple stakeholders with similar vision alignment.
Encompassing inclusive solution for farmers within their affordability.


Our Story

Every year more than 30 million people around the globe are dying in hunger while another 795 million are suffering from malnutrition. While technology is easing up our lifestyle by intervening in different aspects of our lives on earth, we just can’t move out in an empty belly or can’t work with weak arms. Hence we need to find a way to ensure food for each and every living being on this planet.
With global population soaring up to 9.7 billion by 2050, the demand of nutritious food would be increased tremendously. What about the food production capacity? Statistics are indicating a rather alarming situation. 33 % of earth’s total arable land has lost its fertility over past 40 years. 75% of crop diversity has been lost from farmers’ fields. With a significantly increasing population and shockingly decreasing arable land and its fertility points to a potential global food crisis that needs our outmost concern. And the root cause of this constant degradation of our soil is the usage of uncontrolled and unplanned agricultural inputs. Almost 90% of Asian farmers used to think the more they’d apply fertilizer and pesticides, the more the yield would be. This widely nurtured miss concept is leading the world towards an era when more than half of the world’s total land would become unusable for food production.

Without even knowing, our farmers are misusing valuable ground water for irrigation by the methods (mostly basin & farrow) they apply water in their fields. Nearly 22- 27 % of total irrigated water gets soaked by the soil even before reaching the cropping fields.
If we cannot control such irresponsible consumption / utilization of natural resources, our world would become inhabitable soon for our next generations.
To face this challenge as well as to meet the increasing demand to feed the ever increasing population with required amount of nutritious food now and in the future, we need technological intervention.
Here comes our role to play.
iPAGE Bangladesh Ltd has developed a comprehensive solution known as Integrated Agricultural Extension Program (iAEP). It is a specialized agri-tech initiative that caters a wide range of technical solutions to different stages of agricultural production.
Our site specific crop management & information system AUNKUR aims to deploy a hardware-software integrated machine that would provide a complete agricultural prescription and enhance profitability of the farmers.
Our crop specific integrated irrigation water management system provides efficient utilization of irrigation water and ensures more crop per drop.
Our climate smart agricultural approach enhances the opportunity of agro-production at adverse or changing natural condition like desert or arctic environment.

Facts & Figures



Of earth has lost its fertility by last 40 years



Productivity can be increased by using precision agriculture technology



Crop diversity has been lost from farmers’ field



Optimization in irrigation water usage could be achieved through our agro-prescription.



People are dependent on agriculture as their livelihood



Carbon footprint in agricultural sector could be lessened through our solution

Our Values

Rather than being another typical for-profit company, iPAGE is an impact enterprise. Our business organization believes in the Global Village concept where we all shall be responsible to take care of the planet we live on. iPAGE cherishes certain core values that are strengthening each and every endeavors it makes.

Our initiative directly aligns with the following

Sustainable Development Goals

01 No Poverty

02 Zero Hunger

05 Gender Equality

07 Affordable & clean energy

08 Decent Work & Economic Growth

09 Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure

12 Responsible Consumption & Production

13 Climate Action

15 Life on land

17 Partnerships for
the goals

Expert's Opinion

About Us

iPAGE Bangladesh Ltd is a Bangladeshi Agri-Tech startup with a global vision. Our prime focus is to provide the farmers with easy access to all required agricultural information on time for a better productivity and enhanced profitability. Gradually we want to bring full-fledged agri-tech solutions that will open a wide horizon for the farmers to avail the benefits of technology within their affordability.

We are interested to partnering with Farmers, Agri-input producers, Governments, NGOs - any available stakeholders in the agro-industry and offer our information services as per their requirement. We also want to promote responsible consumption of natural resources in agricultural production and develop a community of smart farmers.

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