Feed your plant when it is hungry


Provides site specific crop management support

IoT enabled & portable soil testing machine


Prescribes seed, fertilizer, pesticide, irrigation chart & forecasts yield

Our global solution

Integrated Agricultural Extension Program

Consolidates your national food security

Our Vision

Our Vision

To safeguard world food security and strengthen the fight against hunger.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Create platform to foster the inclusive & sustainable development of farmers’ community and agricultural industry by technological intervention.

Our Objectives

Our Objectives

Ensuring process optimization by precision technology.
Enhancing resilience through climate smart agriculture.
Engaging multiple stakeholders with similar vision alignment.
Encompassing inclusive solution for farmers within their affordability.

Our Story

The low profitability of our smallholder farmers has been a frustrating fact in Bangladesh for decades. Information gap on modern farming & technology, market demand, and lack of market access are our farmers' three inter-connected pain points.
iPAGE started its journey as an AgriTech startup focusing on giving farmers a better understanding of their soil and educating them to cultivate efficiently. With our proprietary electronic soil testing technology, we offered a site-specific agricultural information service to them. Soon we realized that our farmers are also in need of the sourcing information of better inputs and low-cost capital support. So we partnered with registered input vendors and local NGOs, shared information on both sides, and started connecting them with the farmers in a mutually beneficial way.

In the March of 2020, the coronavirus pandemic hit Bangladesh, causing catastrophic disruption in the national food supply chain. Helping the farmers to mobilize their produce to the local market and revamping their cropping practice based on consumer needs became more demanding than before. That is when we shifted our focus from production practice optimization to demand-specific production schemes.
We are currently developing an artificially intelligent agrarian information system. With the help of our soil testing device and site-specific advisory, it enables farmers to understand the local market demand and produce accordingly. We are also facilitating our farmers to sell their crops directly to the local market and earn more. To address the problems of our agricultural industry from its core, we believe a holistic approach like this is essential. With this, we are working to shift the paradigm of our food supply chain towards a state where our farmers would supply according to market demand and achieve better profitability.

Facts & Figures



Accuracy in soil test compared to the chemical testing process.



Of total cost of production we charge as subscription fee



Time required to generate one
site specific advisory based on soil test.



Additional profitability.



Smallholder farmers have been



Up to 20% Production cost reduction

Our Values

Rather than being another typical for-profit company, iPAGE is an impact enterprise. Our business organization believes in the Global Village concept where we all shall be responsible to take care of the planet we live on. iPAGE cherishes certain core values that are strengthening each and every endeavors it makes.

Our initiative directly aligns with the following

Sustainable Development Goals

01 No poverty

01 No poverty

02 Zero Hunger


9 Industry Innovation and Infrastructure

12 Responsible Consumption and Production

15 Life on land

Expert's Opinion

About Us

iPAGE Bangladesh Ltd is a Bangladeshi Agri-Tech startup with a global vision. Our prime focus is to provide the farmers with easy access to all required agricultural information on time for a better productivity and enhanced profitability. Gradually we want to bring full-fledged agri-tech solutions that will open a wide horizon for the farmers to avail the benefits of technology within their affordability.

We are interested to partnering with Farmers, Agri-input producers, Governments, NGOs - any available stakeholders in the agro-industry and offer our information services as per their requirement. We also want to promote responsible consumption of natural resources in agricultural production and develop a community of smart farmers.

Our Partners